Well I never had spam issues, until 0.18 forced captchas to be disabled. Thankfully the bots just seem to be signing up, not doing much yet. Using fake emails that never get verified.

So I threw together a little script. Just put this in a sh file, and create a cron job or systemd service to run it every 15 minutes or so. Use your favorite text edit tool to replace “thelemmyclub” with your instance name, or whatever you have your docker containers named. (Check docker ps). You’ll also have to be able to run docker without sudo, so add your user to the docker group or put the cron job on root (if you do that make sure only root can access the file, for security)

Also if you set up manually without docker, well I’m sure you have the skills to adapt these commands appropriately.

First though run:

docker exec -it thelemmyclub_postgres_1 psql -U lemmy -h -p 5432 -d lemmy -c "select * from local_user where id in (select local_user_id from email_verification where published < (NOW() - INTERVAL '60 minute'));"

This will list all users who haven’t completed email verification, except those that are under an hour old. If you think these are all abandoned accounts and bots, carry on. It’s always best to check before doing things to live databases…

Edit: thanks to input from @[email protected]

The sh file you need:

#! /bin/bash
docker exec -it thelemmyclub_postgres_1 psql -U lemmy -h -p 5432 -d lemmy -c "DELETE FROM person WHERE local = 'true' AND id IN (SELECT person_id FROM local_user WHERE id IN (SELECT local_user_id FROM email_verification WHERE published < (NOW() - INTERVAL '60 minute')));"

This will delete all users over an hour old who haven’t completed email verification. (Only applies to accounts made after you enabled email verification, so older accounts are safe)

Hope this helps!

  • @[email protected]
    10 months ago

    Sure, depends on what you want to do, that’s just the command I used to purge unverified accounts. My instance doesn’t really have any users so not a big deal.

    Yeah, unless you are deleting hundreds of users you can’t really tell, but I deleted 6k+ bots and can confirm user count automatically updates.

    • @bdonvrOPA
      10 months ago

      See my edit: add a disclaimer to your comment at least. I’ll adapt this advice to something less dangerous though.