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  • boot

    So you’re not American right? Over here large pickup trucks are literally the most popular selling vehicles. But only a small portion of these people actually use these things for anything they’d need one for. Half of my apartment parking lot is large pickup trucks. They pollute, they’re less safe, they’re a waste of money, and they crowd parking space.

    Even among the minority of people who regularly do things necessitating a pickup, only a small fraction of those need these huge heavy duties.

    I’m not mad at the rural guys with these trucks hauling heavy equipment and trailers around out in the country. It’s the urban and suburban people who don’t need them at all is what gets me. If you need a pickup truck once or twice a year you can rent one for a day for ridiculously cheap.

  • I think it’s more about the non-alphabetical nature of it. I’ve heard Korean script is quite easy to learn for example.

    But I’ve heard it’s much easier once you have some level of fluency in the language. I mean children don’t intensively study Chinese characters until they’re already speaking at a level higher than most language learners get to.

    They say for Spanish you need like 1500+ hours of listening and watching to get to a decent level. Chinese, it’s more like 3-4000+. Much respect. No cognates to fall back on… Can’t imagine!