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  • We make a lot of sausage in meetings. Brainstorm ideas and figure out what the challenges will be. Having all five or six people there at once is much more efficient than taking back the forth to each one individually.

    There are status update meetings, but those are so other people know what you’re doing so if it effects them they can work with it.

  • It’d need to be 13 to 80 times more massive to be a brown dwarf.


    If it gained mass rapidly, most all the moons would likely destabilize since they’d have way too little velocity for the orbit they’d now be in. But if they sped up to accommodate, it’d depend on the density change of Jupiter. The fusion would push out material a bit, but the density would probably just increase because of the increased mass.

    But if the density stayed the same, the radius would be 2.4 to 4.3 times larger than currently. With Jupiter having a radius of 70,000 km, that’d put it at 170,000 to 300,000 km radius. That’d put Metis and Adrastea inside 170, and Amalthea and Thebe inside 300. They’d already be heavily inside the jovian atmosphere, so they’d be toast. Io, Europa, and maybe others might also fall due to higher atmospheric drag at those levels.


    I think the rest of the moons would be planets then, and the solar system would be a binary system.

  • I think legends handled it okay, that the battle of yavin was the tipping point, but the empire still had remnants that needed to be countered by the New Republic. And the New Republic has its own problems, but faces an entirely different threat than the empire too.

    Whereas with the new movies, they just hit the reset button back to episode four, rather than developing on the trajectory in interesting ways, which would have given Luke’s actions and the original trilogy more weight.