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  • No, they don’t. The Democratic Party can give the donated money to whoever is the candidate. Not sure where people are getting that.

    Edit: After reading up, I am mistaken kind of. If Harris is still the VP candidate, the money could be used. Otherwise a PAC would have to be setup to funnel money to the candidate…maybe. Bloomberg was simply able to transfer his campaign funds directly to the DNC since it was part of his campaign money…even though the vast majority of it was his own money.

  • Argentina is far from unregulated. And oftentimes unregulated capitalism placed in dysfunctional economies leads to significant short term contraction. Long term growth depends on putting the correct regulation back into place.

    Milei is shitty but ending currency controls will go a long way toward giving the economy a good base. Getting inflation down to a decent level will make it so people will actually use the peso and not do their damnedest to get a hold of a stable currency like the dollar. And that is very important because countries should not be relying on a foreign currency that does not care about local situations. Milei’s idea to dollarize the economy is idiotic in the long run. But I doubt that will actually come into fruition.