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  • My cats died, one after 19 years and the other after 25 years. Poor guys, gave us so much, but were wasting away in their last 6 months. We had to put them to sleep, they were not able to even move their little legs, nor eat.

    They had a great life they even got to migrate with us and travel by plane.

    They hunted and ate many pigeons, which for indoors cats living in an 8th floor always surprised me.

    They also were incredibly smart, learned to play fetch with their toys, vocalize, complain, ask for food, litter and water, they even opened doors and the water valve if they wanted fresher water .

    They recognized our car when arriving from work and poked their heads out the Windows when we arrived, always waiting at the door for us.

    Cuddling was a given

    They loved tv as well, lion king was a preferred movie for them.

    I still have their ashes in their urn and carry everywhere I move over.

    I’ll always remember them.

  • Congratulations? If you use anything beyond stock apps it means you downloaded it, and accepted the privacy policy for it. Even with automatic updates, you logged in and accepted the policy as well. You don’t want it? Erase the app. Freeze it, don’t use it, whatever.

    What’s worse is that you don’t even show the permission menu, you just show a notification.

    Do what you want, but take at least responsibility for what you accept