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  • I was living with my elderly father (who also never got COVID), so we were getting regular vaccinations because he was high risk. But he passed away recently, and I was told I’m no longer in a high risk situation, so I’ll get my vaccination every other year, with my age group. So I haven’t been vaccinated in a while, which is probably why I was at risk for this particular strain.

    Fortunately, it’s been very mild for me. The only concern was a slight pressure in my chest, like someone was sitting on me. And I spent a day feeling so full-body tired that I could barely move. But all of that passed after a day and now I’m just dealing with regular cold symptoms (runny nose, sinus pressure, cough). No loss of taste or smell so far. My wife just started her symptoms yesterday and they’ve been pretty much identical to mine so far.

    The worst part is that my wife and I were both naturally social distancing already. We don’t work (I’m retired young, she was medically separated from the military, and we’re both receiving VA disability), so we’re basically living like hermits out in the countryside, far away from other people. The one time I allow myself to to have fun with a friend who came back to town, it turns out he brought the plague with him.

  • My wife and I made it 4-1/2 years without ever getting COVID. I just tested positive 2 days ago. My wife is also sick and will probably pop positive soon.

    The worst part is that I caught it from an old friend, who came back to town for the week, invited me over, and only told me after spending the day with his family that his little kid is positive for COVID and has been passing it around his family. This particular friend never took the pandemic seriously, deciding that the death rate was so low, and serious life-altering side effects of COVID were so rare, that it wasn’t a big deal. His family has apparently had COVID several times over now.

    Fuck this pandemic, and everyone involved in prolonging it.

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    If one soccer player passes the ball to another and they score is that manipulating the system? It’s playing the game by the rules. What is the alternative to people dropping out of the primary? Should they be forced to keep running even if it’s clear they won’t win?

    This is a bad analogy. A better one would be that a soccer player was kicked from the game for a penalty, but as they’re leaving the field - while the game is still active - they kick the ball to one of their own players who then scores the winning goal. That’s totally unfair; the penalized player was already out of the game and shouldn’t be influencing it further, more or less helping to score the winning goal.

    A truly democratic election would allow for all voters to be informed and making their own logical choice for president. But instead, we have millions of uninformed voters who are clinging to every word of whatever candidate they happen to associate with first. And when that person doesn’t make the cut, they throw their support behind another specific candidate still in the running. Instead of telling their constituents to make informed, logical decisions on their next choice of candidate, they’re leading their flock of followers to whomever they’re being paid to support after dropping out. And you know these guys are being paid to push certain party-approved candidates. I mean, we just recently learned that the DNC specifically pushed out all their legit candidates so they could throw support behind Biden and crush Bernie.

    I don’t think this is very democratic. It’s misleading at best. But until a majority of people actually take the time to properly research candidates, it’s the corrupt system we’re stuck with.

  • I may be in the minority, but I kinda enjoy hearing Aloy muttering to herself throughout the game. Partly because I catch myself doing it all the time, so I don’t feel alone in the practice.

    But also because I know the voice actress for Aloy (Ashly Burch) as Ash in the YouTube series, Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’? and to this day, it’s still amazing to me to hear her speaking so deadpan seriously. I’m used to her Ash character basically being an animated, loudmouthed wildcard, not this dramatic, serious character. And I kind of enjoy knowing that Ashly has a bit of range to her acting; she’s not some kid who repeats the same YouTube personality she became famous for; she can actually act.

  • Be careful… Don’t just click “Reject All.” There’s a category called “Legitimate Interest” that will still be enabled.

    It was meant to be a way for websites to collect relevant data for adjusting content to your interests, but it’s been so loosely defined in legal requirements that literally any advertiser could pull your personal data through that category and use it however they want. This legal loophole is how websites continue to collect data and build profiles on you without violating the law. And clicking “Reject All” won’t disable anything in that category.

    As much as it sucks, you still need to review all categories and manually change your advertising settings, then click “save preferences” (or however it’s specifically worded) instead of just clicking “Reject All.”

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    12 days ago

    […] I don’t think YouTube is even profitable for them.

    Correct. Even Google, one of the richest companies in the world, is struggling to afford the massive infrastructure required to run YouTube. That’s why they’ve been cracking down on ad-blocking software lately.

    Also, this is likely why they’ve been pushing their new updated Chromium-based infrastructure for web browsers, which will prevent ad-blockers from working on websites. If you’re not using Firefox or Safari to browse the Internet by now, you should switch. They’re the only independent browsers not using the Chromium framework.

  • When I was 13, I decided I wanted to learn piano because I heard Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata and became obsessed with it. I already knew how to read sheet music from performing in choirs since the 3rd grade, so I just had to figure out where middle-C was on the piano and pluck out the rest of the keys from there. It only took me 2 weeks to completely decipher and memorize the Moonlight Sonata, without any instruction or lessons.

    I was a natural at the piano, and I taught myself more complicated pieces over the next handful of years. My wife is super jealous of my skill because she had to take 4 years of piano lessons for her music college degree, and I, without any formal lessons, can play better than her.

    Fast-forward a few decades. I haven’t been around pianos for so long, I’ve forgotten most everything I learned. I just bought a fancy electric piano at an estate sale (normally costs $5,000; family was willing to sell it for $240!) and I’m excited to play again, but I’ve been afraid to just sit down and figure out where my skill level is at now. Gonna be a lot of hard work just to get back into it. And I’m old now, so I’m hardly the impressive “teen piano genius” I used to be. Now I’m just an old guy who might remember how to pick at a few simple songs on the piano.

    Getting old sucks. Especially if you don’t keep up your skills. You’re special if you have great skills as a kid. But if you’re old, people just assume you’ve had a lifetime of practice. And that’s if you kept up with it over the years.

  • Spoilers for the series ahead:

    I remember binging the whole series when I was a teenager, and the second movie (Nihao My Concubine) was the first and only time where Akane actually told Ranma she loved him. But only because they were in a nasty predicament and expected to die moments later. She reneged on that confession as soon as they were safe.

    I remember being so mad that I had watched the entire series and that retracted confession was the closest they ever got to actually being honest about their feelings toward each other. They didn’t actually get married, or even go on dates together. They obviously cared for each other, but they could never openly say it, choosing to fight with each other instead. It was a very toxic relationship, and it’s hard for me to re-watch the series now, even though I absolutely loved it in my youth.

    EDIT: Re-watch, not re-read watch. Stupid autocorrect.

  • American here, who has spent about a decade living in various countries around the world.

    The biggest problem with my fellow Americans is that we’re raised in an isolated country, which only borders two other countries (Canada and Mexico). And our country is so massive, probably 90% of Americans don’t live anywhere near either country border.

    Crossing borders is a big deal too; it’s not like Europe where you can be driving and suddenly see a sign welcoming you to a new country. There are checkpoints, blockades, passports, regular inspections, etc. Especially since 9/11 happened, our borders have become even more locked down. Plus, going anywhere else requires expensive plane tickets to fly over the oceans.

    This leads to most Americans having no social interactions with foreigners most of the time. We’re fully ingrained in our own culture bubble and we don’t get a lot of interaction with other cultures, outside of stereotypes through pop culture.

    Combine this with the fact that we’re taught from childhood that we’re the “greatest nation on Earth,” and you get an entire culture of entitled, narcissistic jerks who think the American way is the best way.

    Our education has been failing for decades now, thanks to politicians on both sides of the aisle realizing that we’re more easily manipulated if we’re less educated. So there’s this race to the bottom, where we’re being fed lies and embellishments about how great America is and how we’re this amazing country that the rest of the world looks up to and admires.

    With this entitled world view, it makes Americans scared when foreigners come to our country because we only know of their culture through stereotypes and we fear their culture taking over our “amazing and most perfect country.” Just as we’ve stepped into other countries and spread our own democracy, we’re afraid other nations will attempt to do the same to us.

    It doesn’t help that we have an entire political party who maintains their voter base through fear mongering about foreigners taking our jobs, stealing our women, and destroying our “great culture” for their “backwards and corrupt” values. It’s complete lunacy, but to the average American who has no regular contact with the outside world, it seems plausible.

    So yeah, a lot of Americans get uncomfortable when foreigners speak their native language around us instead of English. They tend to find it rude at best, and offensive/dangerous at worst. And some of the worst Americans travel abroad and expect everyone to essentially worship the ground they walk on, so they get offended when other people don’t know or speak English. It’s a really messed up world view, but it’s hard to change when we live such isolated lives.