I’m asking this because one time, while browsing the GNU website, I noticed that some of the members’ emails had “gmail” on them!! And I asked myself how would that be possible?? And I think other members of the FSF had Gmail too. Why? Richard Stallman is against Gmail, so why would those memberse use it?? Would that mean I can use non-free software while advocating and loving free/libre software??

  • @bdonvrA
    33 months ago

    At best all your sent mail goes to junk, at worst it is just blocked altogether.

    Convincing the popular small services to not mark new mail services as junk is extremely difficult

    • @[email protected]
      23 months ago

      I remember when it was considered a mark of professionalism for a web developer to have an email on their own domain. At some point that changed. I think after GMail came out it was so good that everybody switched to that.

      • @bdonvrA
        3 months ago

        Ah that’s still totally possible, I do that.

        The domain isn’t all that important, the IP address of the mail server is. I pay an external service that provides a mail server, and my DNS records point to that.

        But hosting my own mail server, while possible is not recommended.