0.19.4 mostly changes things in the backend, but there are a couple notable user features:

  • You can now see all media you’ve uploaded and delete what you wish (only affects media uploaded after the upgrade)

  • Better federation with Mastodon and other similar software, all posts are tagged with the community name (in the background, you won’t see it) so that Mastodon users can see them.

  • Vote totals now have settings. You can see a total (Upvotes minus downvotes), both seperate, or a percentage.

You can see the full changelog here.

You can follow the upgrade process at https://status.thelemmy.club/maintenance

As always, thanks for being a member of The Lemmy Club.

If you’d like to help contribute to our ongoing costs, or would like to show some appreciation, you can at OpenCollective: https://opencollective.com/thelemmyclub

This instance is funded primarily out of my own pocket with no return whatsoever. The costs aren’t too high (~$250/yr) but community donations are always very appreciated. At the moment, we’re about 10% community funded. Either way, The Lemmy Club isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.