This community appears to have been abandoned by the current moderator. Their account shows no activity for the past 4 months. They have also not responded to a direct message I sent several weeks ago.

Would anyone like to step up and become the new moderator? We should have an active user in that role.

@[email protected] / @[email protected] I’m mentioning you here for transparency. If you ever come back to Lemmy you should have a notification directing you to this post.

    7 months ago

    Just merge it with microblogmemes since they’re basically the same thing. The only reason it exists here is because of the initial goldrush to copy every single subreddit name.

    I thought it was kind of dumb on reddit but at least it “made sense” for the subreddit to exist as a counter to black-only BPT

    We should move past that useless segregation here in my opinion. Let’s be better than reddit