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  • Given the timeline, I would go with someone safe like Buttigieg.

    You need someone with experience on the national stage lest there is a repeat of Palin. The only governor with that experience can’t run on a Harris ticket.

    The Senate is going to be very tight this election, which means you aren’t going to pick a swing state Senator like Kelly. A non-swing state senator isn’t going to be that valuable.

    No one in the House is good option. AOC isn’t going to bring a lot to the ticket and would probably be better working on either building her caucus in the House or waiting for Schumer to retire.

    Pete has gone through the primary process and been a prominent spokesperson for the administration. He isn’t exciting, but I don’t see him fucking up either.

  • He will maintain the social order of your community.

    Women will lose their rights in a variety of ways, making them dependent on their men.

    Public Education will become worse, keeping the economic status of families where they are.

    Police will be allowed to be as corrupt as they want to be and will be able to oppress disadvantaged groups as they want to.

  • It depends on the context.

    If I’m celebrating a holiday or cultural event, it is good to skew closer to tradition as the food is part of the tradition.

    Outside of that, tradition was just optimizing to the cooking techniques of the time. I like Adam Ragusea’s analysis when discussing spaghetti and meatballs. The context of the recipe 60 years ago was that it was a high scale recipe for a large extended family, a context they doesn’t fit most uses today.