So I got hold of a domain that shows my exact full name. I thought it would be useful for showing up as “professional” when working in IT and sending resumes.

I got some mail forwarded using the domain registrar. I also made a small static website, which only has hello world for now but soon will get the contents filled up.

But then… what? I suppose I can host anything I want, but then there’s the whole “real name - gotta look professional” aspect that makes me weary of hosting a Lemmy instance, for example, when the domain without my name attached wouldn’t.

I suppose having personal domains were cool in the 90s where people were barely learning about “the internets”. Not so anymore?

Is there a usefulness in having a domain name with your real name attached on this age?

  • @bdonvrA
    84 months ago

    I just use mine for email and subdomains to the personal services I host. Though mines just my last name (followed by -net because there’s some big businesses that use my last name and they took all the decent domains). That way my email is [email protected]