I’ve had a Lemmy instance running on a VPS with 100 GB of storage for a few months and it has filled up. I’ve been searching for ways to reduce the amount of storage used but so far I am coming up empty. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

  • @bdonvrA
    4 months ago

    Firstly move pict-rs to object storage. My instance’s pict-rs uses 150GB alone. I pay less than $2/mo to put it on Cloudflare R2. Backblaze B2 might be even cheaper. Instructions: https://crates.io/crates/pict-rs#filesystem-to-object-storage-migration

    If that doesn’t help enough and you’re comfortable with SQL, you can purge the unnecessary entries in received-activities.

    Command: delete from received_activity where published & NOW() - INTERVAL '3 days'; (Lemmy has problems with ampersands so you’ll have to edit it)

    Then do a vacuum full received_activity; to reclaim the space.

    This deleted 98 million entries for me and reduced my database size from 49GB to 20GB a week ago when I started running out of space. No other effect as far as I can tell. Thanks @[email protected]